I highly recommend Dr. Hofvendahl. She listens, she performs and I profit. She has a unique combination of skill, experience, compassion and intuition that is so valuable in a health practitioner. An appointment is such a treat because I absolutely love her massage. She knows just where to go and exactly how deep to work. Each appointment is always unique. She definitely doesn't do the same thing each time, like some chiopractors do, she treats me. Her adjustments are comfortable and non-aggressive.  I’m always impressed that she listens so carefully to my experience and then works with me as a collaborator. When I see Dr. Hofvendahl, I feel like I have her support 100%. If you like being a participant in your own journey to good health, you will love working with Dr. Hofvendahl. The bottom-line is that I feel results quickly. For the first time in ages I'm waking up without pain and able to move. I’m so delighted to have found her. -Marilyn Bemis

Dr. Hofvendahl's comprehensive and nurturing approach have empowered me to take part in my own healing process. Her targeted massage makes her adjustments that much more effective. Additionally, she takes the time to really understand what's going on with me and teach me ways that I can help myself in my healing process. -Jennifer Proudfoot

Jeanne is fantastic! I wish I could see her every week. Incredibly experienced and knowledgeable at massage and chiropractic and I always walk away feeling much better and in a lot less pain than when I went in. On top of that, she's incredibly friendly and caring - it's always a nice experience going to see her! -Christina K.

Dr Jeanne has a strong, attentive touch. I was amazed by her quick comprehension of my problem and her ability to eliminate most of my pain in just one session. She has a delightful bedside manner and allows her clients to participate in their plan of care. Very refreshing experience, happy to have found her! -Patricia C.

 Went to visit her on an emergency basis for extreme dizziness which I had experienced for about 5 days. I suspected my neck was "out". She checked me out, gave me a short massage of shoulders and neck and then adjusted my neck. As if by magic my dizziness was immediately gone!! I've gone to her since then for "tune ups" and always feel so much better after her wonderful massages and adjustments. She also gave me some exercises to loosen up my hips which had been really tight, and the exercises have really helped. I love being involved in my own care and healing, and she encourages that. -Marjorie W.

I've seen my share of chiropractors, and I was very happy with my visits with Dr. Jeanne. Her blend of chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy was very effective at relieving the pinched nerve in my shoulder. My wife has also really enjoyed massages and adjustments with Dr. Jeanne, and she sees her regularly for therapeutic massage work. -Mitchell S.

I called Dr. Jeanne a few days before Christmas and although her schedule was booked she was so kind to make room for me at the end of her day. During her treatment she took the time to explain what she was doing and why.  I felt such relief from my back pain in just the one session. The stretches and exercises she recommended for me strengthen the necessary muscles have been very beneficial.  Dr. Jeanne has such calming energy I left feeling both mentally refreshed and physically relaxed.  I feel so fortunate to have found her so close to home- Brody P.

I am an active swimmer and surfer so I attributed my worsening shoulders to "Old age". They had gotten to where they throbbed after a hard surf session and there was a "clicking" in my left shoulder. I thought I had injured it surfing. 3 sessions with Dr. Hofvendahl and my shoulders now feel better than they have in 10 years! I didn't think it was possible. -Kim M.

I went to see Dr Jeanne after a rather traumatic childbirth left my lower back in agonizing pain. I was prescribed anti inflammatory drugs that didn't help at all, meanwhile I couldn't enjoy the birth of son because I couldn't sit up to hold him or barely get out of bed to care for him!! I found dr Jeanne on help, with great reviews and being close to home I called her and I was able to see her the same day!! She was nothing short of phenomenal in her care and treatments of me. She, along with Accupunture treatments from Julie at the Dancing Crane, relieved my pain WITHOUT drugs (especially because I was breast feeding) and I was back to normal within about a week (which is miraculous know how much pain I was in!) very knowledgable, flexible in schedule (fit me right in when I needed her most) and overall excellent care!! -Michelle M.

Had some allergy congestion a week or 2 ago and felt achy all over.  After a 1 hour massage, I felt like jell-o when I walked out of the office, I was soooo relaxed!  About an hour later I could tell how much the extra attention on all the sinus areas had helped the congestion, which continued to improved over the next day. The aches were gone, also.  Great massage!  Thanks! -Vicki K.

I have been seeing Dr. Jeanne for two yrs now and she has done wonders for my poor old body. First it was a very painful right shoulder she repaired after all traditional treatment had failed. And since then, she has kept me upright and mobile.
Just yesterday, with one treatment, she got an arthritic knee back on line so I could continue painting my house. Wow, thanks Doc.-J.P.

Best massage and spinal adjustment I have even had.  Yes, she does deep tissue massage and it really works where other techniques don't.  Dr Hofvendahl always checks in with you and will adjust according to your comfort level. Just three sessions relieved my neck and lower back pain.  I referred my husband to her and he is sold on her expertise too. -Peggy B.

My back was much improved just after the first 2 visits to Dr. Jeanne. My wife referred me to her after I injured my lower back. She is extremely knowledgeable and really listens. I am seeing her weekly for a couple more weeks, then plan to taper off and continue seeing her monthly. I wouldn't normally take the time to do this now that I'm feeling better, but Dr. Jeanne is the first massage therapist who has done a deep tissue massage exactly how I prefer them, most don't go deep enough for me. I appreciate that she incorporates chiropractic, massage, and ultrasound, and also explains how I can help myself and prevent future injury by doing certain exercises at home. Her office is easy to find, there is plenty of parking, and she has flexible hours. I also like that my secretary can schedule appointments for me by text and email, which is very convenient. -Robert M.

I have been living with & ignoring pain in my neck and shoulders for a long time. I felt immediate relief from my session with Dr. Hofvendahl. What I like the best is that she integrated really skillful deep tissue work with an adjustment, and also used ultrasound to help with the most tender and painful areas. The relief I feel is an indication of how good she is at assessing what is causing my chronic pain and addressing it. Really looking forward to my next appointment! -JM

Does your doctor take the time to listen to you and give you the care you need? Dr. Hofvendahl does. Integrated Chiropractic and message is exactly what she does, and she gets results. Her gentle approach helps relax  tight muscles, soothes the pain and allowed the body too receive a gentle spinal adjustment without discomfort. I highly recommend her care. -Patrick R.