Frequently Asked Questions

What does Integrated Chiropractic mean?

Dr. Jeanne believes  that while Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (adjustments) are an important part of the treatment,  they  are incomplete for creating lasting change. Her prior background as a massage therapist taught her the powerful effect the muscles have on  spinal alignment and comfort. Some  chiropractic visits consist exclusively of adjustments. Others have a few minutes of massage by an assistant  before the adjustments. An Integrated Chiropractic session differs because it’s time spent exclusively with Dr. Jeanne.. She uses  myofascial techniques such as trigger point therapy and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), techniques that are targeted to remove the  specific underlying muscular issues that may be the source of your pain and/or the cause of chronic spinal and joint misalignment. Integrated Chiropractic sessions are more than doing a bit of massage before an adjustment, they look at all aspects of the body, the muscles, bones, posture and ergonomics. She truly wants to help you live comfortably in your body.

What can I expect during an Integrated Chiropractic session?

Dr Jeanne takes a thorough history to get an understanding of your problems. She examines your overall alignment before beginning. Next, you crawl under sheets and blankets  on a nicely pre-heated massage table. She places hot packs on your back while she assess your muscles. If there are trigger points or spasm she often uses therapeutic ultra-sound to calm spasmed muscles  and remove the first layer of tension and trigger points. She  uses deep (or light to suit your preference) trigger point therapy. Many times patients find that the symptoms are immediately noticeably reduced.  At the end of the visit, if you would like, she adjusts your body and then gives postural advice and teaches stretching and/or strengthening techniques to maintain the treatment. Her first treatment will last an hour On subsequent visits you may choose 30 or 45 minute sessions.

How often will I need to come?

That is entirely up to you. Dr Jeanne doesn’t use a pre-determined schedule. She tailors every aspect of your treatment  to your needs and preferences. She will make suggestions about what she feels is best and what would be next best and explain the pros and cons of each plan, Her goal is for you to maintain  your health with the least amount of professional help as possible.

What types of sessions are available?

Dr Jeanne offers 30, 45 and in some circumstances 15 minute  Integrated Chiropractic sessions She also offers 60, 90 and 120 minute therapeutic massage. Her most unique session is called a Combination. She does a therapeutic massage along with a 15 minute chiropractic visit, which includes  ultra-sound and adjusting. These are for established patients without new symptoms who want the benefits and pleasure of massage but also need a bit of treatment for their chronic areas.

What is the difference between a therapeutic massage and an Integrated Chiropractic session?

Integrated Chiropractic visits include ultra-sound, adjustments and stretching /strengthening/postural/ergonomic instruction. The massage is different in the two sessions. While a therapeutic massage certainly involves some focus on problem areas, the massage in Integrated Chiropractic sessions is exclusively targeted to relieve symptoms and does not include a whole body massage. They are for different purposes. If you want to just relax and receive the circulatory, lymphatic (and pleasurable) aspects of massage a therapeutic massage is wonderful. If you have painful areas that need discussion and attention your best choice initially is an Integrated Chiropractic session.

Integrated Chiropractic sessions come in 15, 30 and 45 minutes. How do I know which is best for me?

Your first session will be similar to a 45 minute visit. Dr. Jeanne finds that 45 minutes allows her to be very thorough and give you the best care possible. It is her favorite length of time for most people. Patients that have fewer and simpler issues may only need 30 minutes. Sometimes people prefer 30 minutes for financial or scheduling reasons. It’s completely up to you. 15 minute visits are for Combination sessions or occasions where a short treatments are needed frequently. For example, tendonitis  may need only a short treatment but three days apart for five or six sessions. Being situated near Silicon Valley, Dr Jeanne is an expert at tendinitis of the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

What insurance is accepted?

Dr Jeanne collects payment at the time of the visit and bills your insurance as a courtesy. The insurance company should send the check to you but if they mail it to the office you will be reimbursed. Dr. Jeanne is not a preferred provider. Some insurance pays out-of network doctors and some do not. It depends on your particular plan. We can also provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance or to your HSA plan.

Are credit cards accepted?

We do accept credit cards and we have a $2 fee.

Do you treat children?

Yes! Dr Jeanne loves treating kids. In fact, if they only need a quick adjusttment there is no charge if you bring them in during your appointment.

Do you treat pregnant women?

Absolutely! The symptoms that come with pregnancy often are relieved quickly.