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I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in November, 1992 and first opened my doors as Ben Lomond Chiropractic after passing my California State Board exams in January, 1993. From an early age I was drawn to study alternative health and healing practices. Prior to Chiropractic College I had a private massage practice in Marin County that inspired me to want to further my training in hands-on health care.
The following year I completed a year-long specialty training in Rehabilitation Therapy. Over the years I have developed a style of chiropractic that is fully integrated with massage and rehabilitative techniques.

My approach reflects my intention, which is to support individuals on their path to better health and well being. I primarily use low-force chiropractic adjusting techniques such as Thompson drop table, SOT blocks and gentle Diversified adjustments. I also use the Activator method for people who prefer non-force adjustments. I choose the technique best suited to your present condition and personal preference.

A typical visit will address skeletal, muscular and postural issues. My combination of massage techniques makes the chiropractic adjustments both more comfortable and more lasting. I use massage and Trigger Point Therapy in a very specific and targeted way to relax, reeducate and retrain muscles, fascia and tendons. I aim to increase joint stability and mobility and help you to be more comfortable in your body and to roll more easily with the changes that will naturally occur with age. I also incorporate physical therapy modalities, such as ultra sound, and deep heat packs to help rehabilitate chronically tight or injured tissues. Chiropractic adjustments are used to correct skeletal misalignments, called subluxations, which create ongoing muscle tension and may cause nerve impingement and lack of mobility. At your request I may design customized sequences of stretching, strengthening and alignment exercises to help you develop long-term healthy habits to keep your body comfortable and pain-free.

I offer 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute integrated chiropractic visits as well as one hour deep-tissue therapeutic massage sessions. My treatments are designed to be comfortable and relaxing as well as deeply healing and therapeutic.


I highly recommend Dr. Hofvendahl. She listens, she performs and I profit. She has a unique combination of skill, experience, compassion and intuition that is so valuable in a health practitioner. An appointment is such a treat because I absolutely love her massage. She knows just where to go and exactly how deep to work. Each appointment is always unique. She definitely doesn't do the same thing each time, like some chiopractors do, she treats me. Her adjustments are comfortable and non-aggressive.
Im always impressed that she listens so carefully to my experience and then works with me as a collaborator. When I see Dr. Hofvendahl, I feel like I have her support 100%. If you like being a participant in your own journey to good health, you will love working with Dr. Hofvendahl.
The bottom-line is that I feel results quickly. For the first time in ages I'm waking up without pain and able to move. Im so delighted to have found her.

-Marilyn Bemis
Marilyn Bemis Accounting, Santa Cruz, CA

Dr. Hofvendahl's comprehensive and nurturing approach have empowered me to take part in my own healing process. Her targeted massage makes her adjustments that much more effective. Additionally, she takes the time to really understand what's going on with me and teach me ways that I can help myself in my healing process.

-Jennifer Proudfoot
Teacher, Ben Lomond, CA

Dr. Hofvendahl can be reached at

831-588-4873   .   drhofvendahl@gmail.com   .  10090 Suite 6 Highway 9, Ben Lomond, CA 95005

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